Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – Recovery & Results

Unsure of what to expect after the tummy tuck surgery? Wondering what kind of results you'll have once the healing process is over? These questions are quite common and should be asked in order to understand the full scope of tummy tuck surgery. During your initial consultation with your tummy tuck surgeon, it is best to ask him about the various aspects of surgery and the expected results.

Recovery From Tummy Tuck

Recovery time after tummy tuck is very individual, and depends on the extent of the surgery, whether you have a full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck or endoscopic tummy tuck. Be sure to set realistic expectations for recovery so you do not become disappointed by ones that are unattainable.

Chances are you will be on your way to a healthy and faster recovery if you carefully follow your plastic surgeon's post-tummy tuck instructions. These instructions will be based on a number of individual factors, such as the extent of your tummy tuck, personal habits, current medications, etc.

After the procedure, your doctor will monitor you for any possible complications. Make sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon regularly to ensure proper healing. Furthermore, educate yourself about how you will look and feel after the tummy tuck surgery so there are not any surprises.

As with almost all surgeries, there are stitches involved with a tummy tuck. Find out when the surface stitches and deeper sutures will be removed following the surgery. If you are worried about scarring, discuss available scar treatments with your plastic surgeon prior to the surgery. However, scarring is unavoidable after tummy tuck surgery. Access helpful information on tummy tuck scarring to research the matter further.

Find out when you can resume regular activities, including non-strenuous work, exercise and sexual activity. If you smoke or are around second-hand smoke, it can negatively affect healing and delay the process. If you plan to have children, learn how long you should wait after abdominoplasty before becoming pregnant. If you are concerned about any particular birth defect your child might incur due to your tummy tuck surgery, discuss your fears with your surgeon.

Finally, learn how to set up post-operative tummy tuck recovery in your home to make the transition from where the surgery was performed to home more comfortable. Placement of pillows on your bed or your couch can help to support your midsection during recovery.

What Results Can You Expect From the Surgery?

With a positive attitude, realistic expectations, and, most importantly, proper healing, chances are excellent that you will be pleased with your new look. The results of a tummy tuck do not last forever, however. Find out how long your results may last. Therefore, you may decide to undergo a second tummy tuck at some point in the future. To determine if this is necessary, consult your plastic surgeon.

Your tummy tuck results are greatly affected by your plastic surgeon's qualifications and experience. It is therefore important to find a first-class plastic surgeon. Learn how to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon by visiting Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery.

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